Microsoft and LeverFi Unveil AI-Driven Solution

In a collaborative effort, Microsoft and LeverFi have unveiled an AI-driven solution designed to tackle the obstacles encountered within the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector.

The DeFi landscape grapples with notable hurdles, including security breaches, inadequate risk management strategies, and manual execution processes.

These challenges have eroded user confidence and act as barriers for new entrants to the DeFi arena. To surmount these issues, LeverFi is introducing Morpheus, an AI-backed portfolio management assistant, in partnership with Microsoft.

Morpheus aims to assist users in navigating the intricate DeFi ecosystem by offering insights into portfolio management and on-chain monitoring through machine learning.

This AI-powered assistant identifies market irregularities and guides users in portfolio management, thereby minimizing risks and averting common pitfalls.

The announcement states, “Morpheus can help users avoid common pitfalls and protocol-related risks while at the same time, discover the true benefits and potential that they can achieve with DeFi.” Morpheus comprises two core AI engines: one focused on protocols and another on user wallets.

The protocol engine scans, tracks, and responds to security vulnerabilities or protocol risks, providing real-time user protection. The user engine oversees portfolio positions and reacts to sudden market downturns, helping users mitigate potential losses.

By combining these AI engines, users can gain enhanced control and confidence when navigating the DeFi landscape. Formerly known as Ramp, LeverFi is a platform offering decentralized leveraged trading up to 10x.

Beyond Morpheus, LeverFi and Microsoft are also collaborating on inventive solutions related to asset tokenization, real-world assets, and on/off-chain settlements. LeverFi has initiated efforts in these realms, particularly in Hong Kong, and will continue to drive advancements.

The company expressed its commitment to empowering DeFi users through innovative solutions and its mission to democratize DeFi access globally. Although LeverFi may not be a prominent name within the crypto sphere, its token’s market capitalization currently hovers around $22 million, placing it outside the top 500.

Nevertheless, the platform has gained recognition by being listed on major exchanges like Binance and Coinbase.

As of now, LeverFi’s LEVER token is trading at $0.00119666, marking a 19.4% decrease in the past day. Over the last 14 days, the coin has seen an approximately 6% increase.



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