$370M Crypto Mining Paradise Emerges in Oman’s Desert Sands!

Oman Unveils $370 Million Data Hosting and Crypto Mining Hub in Salalah Marking the second such establishment in the nation since November 2022, Oman has inaugurated an impressive $370 million data hosting and cryptocurrency mining facility. Situated in Salalah, this cutting-edge facility was officially launched on August 13 by Oman’s Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology (MTCIT).

The visionary project was realized through the efforts of Exahertz International, a subsidiary of Afaaq for Advanced Technologies. The facility encompasses an initial phase boasting a capacity of approximately 11 megawatts across a sprawling expanse of 312,000 square meters (3.36 million square feet). This initial phase can effectively power over 2,000 mining machines, a number projected to escalate to 15,000 by the upcoming month of October. The hardware employed for these operations hails from Bitmain Technologies, a leading supplier of water-cooled cryptocurrency mining systems.

Remarkably, this establishment constitutes the second of its kind within the country’s borders, the first having debuted in November 2022. In synergy, these two installations command an aggregate value of $740.4 million, a significant boon to Oman’s economic landscape, generating numerous employment opportunities for its citizens.

Eng Al Maawali, the Minister, expressed his optimism, highlighting that these centers will play a pivotal role in catalyzing the expansion of the nation’s digital economy, thereby opening new avenues for Omanis to explore.

Part of a broader scheme, this center forms an integral part of a network of cryptocurrency mining data centers envisaged for Oman. The blueprint entails the establishment of three data centers in Salalah and an additional one in Al Jabal Al Akhdar.

Exahertz is committed to engaging local talent for upcoming ventures and fostering the involvement of young individuals through dedicated internship programs.

Notably, Salalah is already host to other significant data center projects by prominent entities like Ooredoo and Equinix. Ooredoo initiated construction in August 2022, with its facility serving as a hub for the 2Africa subsea cable project.

Exahertz International encompasses a spectrum of services, encompassing infrastructure management, network solutions, as well as cybersecurity and privacy offerings.



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